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I am Ramon Villacura, Principal at St. Joseph Catholic School. Please allow me to thank you for visiting us today.

St. Joseph's is a vibrant school community with students from PK4 to 8th grade. We have, what we believe, is the perfect formula for educational success: amazing students, committed parents, top-notch teachers, and a clear vision that is embraced by all.

Since its inception in 1953, Saint Joseph Catholic School, a ministry of Saint Joseph Catholic Parish, has been an educational community committed to the development of the hearts and minds of its students. At St. Joseph, we believe that every child deserves a great education: Education that will prepare them for their journey in life and Heaven.

The spiritual formation of our students, plus a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, allows us to successfully fulfill our purpose. Our students perform way above average and naturally achieve their highest potential at all times. 

St. Joseph students also balance hearts and minds by paying a lot of attention to community and love. We are here to care for one another and serve others together. Our students succeed at St. Joseph because they love to be here: they love their friends; they love their teachers; and most importantly, they love learning with us.

As you browse our website, you will see what I am talking about. 

Come and see us soon. We have a place for your child here. We have a place for you, too.


Ramon Villacura