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Our Parish

St. Joseph Catholic School is a parish school; it is one of the ministries of St. Joseph Church. Our pastor, Monsignor John Walsh, presides over the school and the parish. He is assisted by the Reverend Guyma Noel and the Reverend Brian Kuhr.

St. Joseph began as a mission of Sacred Heart in Atlanta, and was the first Catholic Church in Marietta. Members of the Marist community were the first priests to preside over the parish. The church was originally named St. James, but the name was later changed to St. Joseph as an Episcopal Church, St. James, was only a block away. The original church, seating 450, was built in 1957; it was built as a temporary church. After thirty years the present church, which seats 750, was built. Today, the church is served by priests of the Archdiocese.

St. Joseph Church has many enriching volunteer opportunities. The Community Life Commission offers many opportunities to volunteer such as the Welcome Committee, the Women of St. Joseph, or the Nursery. The Faith Enrichment Committee offers opportunities to develop your faith more deeply through activities such as Adult Education classes, the Parish School of Religion, or Small Faith Communities. The Liturgy Commission welcomes volunteers to participate in weekly Mass through Altar Serving, Ushering, Greeting parish members, or Commentating. The Legion of Mary, FAMILIA, Marriage Encounter or the Prayer Line offer opportunities to volunteer through the Spiritual Enrichment Committee. The Outreach Commission allows an opportunity to volunteer for many groups including the AIDS Ministry, Caring and Sharing, Habitat for Humanity, and the Knights of Columbus.

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