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Our middle school students attend several retreats throughout the school year. Special retreats take place during Advent and Lent, which are both important times of spiritual awareness and preparation. The students help plan the retreats with the middle school religion teacher and the Spiritual Life Committee parent volunteers. Additionally, our students in the Praise Band and Outreach Choir perform the music at the retreats; singing and praising our God are an important part of each retreat. Students also participate in many activities throughout the retreat day which are designed to encourage them to explore a deeper understanding of their Catholic faith, their own spirituality, and their relationship with their God. 

The culminating retreat day for our 8th grade class is an incredible experience at the end of the 8th grader’s last year at St. Joseph Catholic School. Our students travel to an off-site retreat center; there they make memories that will last them a lifetime. Our students experience the powerful love of Jesus through the witness of speakers, friends, nature’s beauty, and of course, through His presence in the Eucharist. Mass is celebrated overlooking the lake, and our students actively take part in the Mass. Group activities and water adventures help to strengthen the bonds of friendship as our 8th grade class gets ready to move on to high school. The day ends with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for our 8th grade students. It is truly a sight to behold, as our soon to be graduates kneel in the grass with the sun setting, to pay homage to the King who created such a glorious world for us.