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Mass & Daily Prayers

Students attend a weekly school Mass every Wednesday morning at 8:15 AM. Each week a different homeroom participates in planning the Mass liturgy, performing the readings and petitions, and leading the school in singing. Throughout the year there are special Masses, such as the Commissioning of our 8th grade students who become the leaders of the school, the First Eucharist Mass where our second grade students join us at the Lord’s table for the first time, and Grandparents’ Day.  Our Praise Band performs the music at each of our school Masses, the choir leads us in song during the Mass, and our middle school students cantor at our weekly Masses. The parish priests celebrate the Mass for us, but occasionally, we are blessed to have a visiting priest from a surrounding parish, or to have one of our Bishops celebrate the Mass. Several priests from other parishes celebrate Mass for us throughout the year.  Parents and younger siblings, as well as Alumni are always welcome to attend our school Masses. 

Daily prayer is a vital part of our lives, and as a community we begin and end our day with prayer. The prayers used may be written by other students, selected from Scripture, from sources which offer specific prayers for various occasions, or traditional prayers that are commonly learned and used by all. Here is an example of a daily prayer: Dear God, be with each of us this day. Help us take a moment to feel Your presence, and the strength and courage You provide. May Your presence lift our hearts and our souls, and enable us to direct all our actions toward You. Help us be faith-filled people as we carry out Your great work. Amen. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.