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Spiritual Council

Middle School students have an opportunity to become a part of the Spiritual Council, which meets before school one day each week throughout the school year. Students who are members of the Spiritual Council are held accountable as they are the spiritual student leaders of the school; each Spiritual Council member must maintain an Outstanding in their conduct grade throughout the entire school year. At the weekly meetings, the students engage in various activities: they learn vocabulary and customs of the Mass, they create posters for display in the Student Center naming the Faith in Action word for the month, and they help write the prayers used in the morning and afternoon announcements, to name just a few. At the end of each meeting they close with prayer, and offer up intentions for our family and school community.

Students volunteer by helping with the weekly school Mass and other important school services. At Mass, students assist their younger schoolmates in the reading of the introduction, readings, and petitions. Spiritual Council students also help their schoolmates as they present the Offertory Gifts and receive the Vocations items. They work behind the scenes as they act as Sacristan and they are responsible for cleaning up the sanctuary.  In addition to their service at Mass, they assist with the various spiritual activities throughout the year such as Blessing of the Pets, Living Rosary, Advent Prayer service, Lenten Prayer Service, and the Archdiocesan Vocations Day.