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Thank you for your interest in St. Joseph Catholic School. We serve nearly 450 students in grades Pre-K4 through eighth grades. Our student population is drawn from over 14 parishes, and it is comprised of a diverse mix of social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Our faculty believes that building a strong foundation in academics is important and character building, critical. The soul of St. Joseph Catholic School is its faculty and staff, who are dedicated to serving the needs of each student.

Although we are very proud of our excellent academic program and excited about our bright future, our foremost focus as a Catholic school is to teach our faith and assist students to deepen their relationship with God.  This is at the heart of everything we do here at St. Joseph Catholic School, and always has been. 

Students who come to St. Joseph Catholic School are exposed to a rigorous curriculum as they are prepared for the next step of their academic journey, no matter where they choose to attend high school.  Our school has a deep-rooted belief in educating the whole child; to help the children grow spiritually, as well as academically.  We feel everything centers around Christ and our mission lies in helping children further develop into responsible, Catholic citizens of the world.

Our students see the importance of commitment, hard work, and community involvement.  They leave our doors knowing not only that they can make a difference in the world, but it is their duty and responsibility to enact the positive changes the world needs.  By choosing to send your child to St. Joseph Catholic School you can be assured that your child is prepared academically.  We teach facts which require memorization, but also critical thinking skills; we teach students how to think, how to learn, and we instill in them a love for lifetime learning.

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