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Mission & Values

The mission of St. Joseph Catholic School is to educate each student by embracing our faith and upholding academic excellence within a Catholic community devoted to developing the whole child.

Through the mission of the school, we believe:

† Children are gifts from God, called to develop to their true potential.

† Each child strengthens a relationship with God through regular celebration of the Eucharist, a strong religious curriculum, and opportunities to express faith.

† Children learn to actively live their faith through sacrifice and service.

† Our academic excellence is achieved through a rigorous curriculum which builds an educational foundation leading to a mastery of skills and the application of critical thinking.

† Each child’s personal responsibility is developed and fostered through consistent academic and behavioral expectations.

† Our teachers are professionals, consistently striving to improve their instructional practices.

† Technology is an educational tool purposefully integrated throughout the curriculum.

† We believe our community is a synergistic relationship between the family, the school, and the Church.