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Educating the Mind, Expanding the Heart

Grandparent “Lend-a-Hand” Campaign

‚ÄčOur school has been blessed by our school children, our families, and our wonderful grandparents.  Over the past few years, our grandparents have generously donated to this fund which benefits the media center and provides technology improvements for the students.

Year           Amount Raised     Items Purchased

2017-18        $17,955                Operational expenses and technology upgrades
2016-17        $18,675                Operational expenses and technology upgrades
2015-16        $15,883                Operational expenses and technology upgrades
2014-15        $15,445                Operational expenses
2013-14        $19,815                Books, database subscriptions, computer cubbies
2012-13        $15,254                New chairs, books, and databases 
2011-12        $10,800                Circulation desk and tables 
2010-11        $  9,800                 New shelving units

The G'Parent Campaign Letter is mailed each March describing this important campaign.  You may mail your donation with this form and mail it to our school at 81 Lacy Street, Marietta, GA 30060.  Or donate online here.

Join us on Grandparents' Day, May 4th.  For more information email: