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Educating the Mind, Expanding the Heart

SJCS 2018-2019 Annual Fund

Our school relies on the generosity of parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends to support the operating budget and provide an education that is focused on academics and grounded in faith.  SJCS appreciates all gifts to the Annual Fund, no matter the size, but participation from everyone is important, as well.  Your participation directly affects the operating budget, helps to keep tuition increases to a minimum, and also helps us afford extra educational tools and technology for students.  Most important, however, greater participation enables our school to seek grant funding from foundations.


Participate today with a DONATION or PLEDGE & receive this “We Support SJCS” car magnet; display it proudly.

1  Complete the Pledge Form and return with your pledge or donation.

2  Donate online by selecting  GIVE NOW.  Make one donation or spread it out over time using a credit/debit card

3  School parents may charge donations to your FACTS account.  Complete form here.

4  Return your giving envelope with a pledge or donation.

​​Thank You SJCS Faculty & Staff​
For Consistently Reaching
100% Participation in the Annual Fund! 

They already give their time and talent, and they also give to the Annual Fund.  When we ask our faculty and staff for 100% participation, they answer the call because these children are worth it!  They believe in the school, and in the children. 

Frequently asked questions about the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a yearly fundraising campaign that provides unrestricted dollars to the school’s operating budget. The Annual Fund is launched in August and runs until the fiscal year-end on June 30th.

All members of the SJCS community: parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and other friends of the school are asked to support the Annual Fund.

The cost to educate your child is not completely covered by the tuition you pay.  Like most Catholic schools, there is a gap between the tuition charged and the actual cost to educate a student.  The Annual Fund fills that gap in lieu of a tuition increase.  Unlike tuition, donations to the Annual Fund are tax-deductible and can be matched with corporate matching programs.  Most important, however, is that the Annual Fund contributions allow us to keep our tuition affordable and helps provide a Catholic school education for many of our students.

Make a pledge anytime by contributing online or directly with the Advancement Office.   You may spread your gift out over time by using the online giving option.  Complete your payment or fulfill your pledge by June 30th of the current school year.

Annual Fund dollars enhance virtually every area of student life at SJCS. Thanks to the Annual Fund, we have MacBook Air laptops, Smart Boards in the classrooms, an upgraded library with new shelving and a circulation desk, upgraded lighting, new AC units, and much, much more! Future contributions to the Annual Fund will furnish additional technology needs for the school.

Strong participation in the Annual Fund is an important way for us to demonstrate the commitment and dedication of our parents, faculty, and staff to the greater giving community. When applying for foundation or corporate gifts, the most important measure used to evaluate community-wide support for the school is the percentage of key groups who participate in the Annual Fund.