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Educating the Mind, Expanding the Heart
The goal of the Music Program at St. Joseph Catholic School is to strive for excellence in musicianship while developing a lifelong appreciation of music. Every student has the opportunity to study instrumental music in a supportive, caring, and encouraging environment.
The St. Joseph Catholic School Band Program consists of three bands:
  • Band I (beginning 6th and 7th grade students with no experience)
  • Band II (7th and 8th grade students who have had at least a year’s experience in Band)
  • Praise Band (strings, woodwinds, vocals, and percussionists who will play at our weekly school Mass).
Performance dates for the Band Program are:
September 12, 2018                  Living Rosary                                              Band II and Praise Band
September 18, 2018                  Archdiocesan Vocations Day                   Praise Band/Outreach
November 12, 2018                   Fall Band Concert                                       Band I and Band II
March 9, 2019                            Archdiocesan Honor Festival                    Band I and Band II
May 3, 2019                                Grandparents Day                                       Band I, Band II, and Praise Band
May 13, 2019                              Spring Band Concert                                  Band I and Band II