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Educating the Mind, Expanding the Heart

St. Joseph Catholic School is pleased to offer the following financial aid opportunities to parents in order to help with the cost of tuition.  Some are need-based, and will require a financial aid application, while other opportunities are not need-based.

SJCS Tuition Assistance 
Any current family or any new family may apply for this need-based award. This financial aid opportunity requires you to complete a financial aid application, and supply supporting tax documentation.  Please visit the FACTS Grant & Aid website in order to complete the application. There is a one-time fee of $30 to apply.  The deadline to apply for Tuition Assistance is February 20th.  All families will receive notification of their Tuition Assistance award. 
GRACE Scholars 
GRACE Scholars, Inc., is the official student scholarship organization (SSO) for the schools sponsored by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta. All students receiving GRACE Awards have demonstrated financial need as determined by a third-party analysis of a family’s ability to pay tuition.  In order to apply for a GRACE Scholars scholarship, your child must first apply to the school, demonstrate a financial need through FACTS Grant & Aid, and then make application to GRACE Scholars.  
Some additional information about this scholarship:
  • A student must be a resident of the state of Georgia;
  • Families must demonstrate a financial need for children in grades PreK-12 for use at approved Catholic schools located in the State of Georgia;
  • The student is either entering a Catholic school for the first time at second grade or above from a Georgia public school or a child eligible to enter first grade, kindergarten or an accredited pre-kindergarten program is eligible for GRACE.
Never Give Up Scholarship
The Never Give Up Scholarship was established in 2018 to commemorate the life of Robert Price, a man whose faith and hope inspired many.  Despite living with a disability, Robert rose above obstacles to become a loyal friend to the students of St. Joseph Catholic School, and a faithful member of St. Joseph Catholic Church.  He was a faithful attendee of the school Mass, always encouraging our students to “never give up.”  The goal of the scholarship is to allow more students and their families to experience the mission of St. Joseph Catholic  School: Educating the mind, while expanding the heart.  We want to continue to cultivate a community with a heart, in honor of Robert Price. 
Any student in middle school during the 2019-2020 school year may apply for the scholarship.  The scholarship recipient will be awarded $1,000 a year, and the scholarship recipient can apply for the scholarship throughout their middle school years.  This could provide up to $3,000 for your child during their middle school years here at St. Joseph Catholic School.
To learn additional information about the scholarship please click here to view the Guidelines and Timetables form, which gives you an overview of the scholarship and for the online application.  The deadline for the application is February 20th
Our Lady of Guadalupe Hispanic Scholarship
This scholarship is amde possible through the generous donations of individual parishioners of St. Joseph Catholic Church, and is open to Hispanic families who are currently registered at St. Joseph Parish.  This is a need-based scholarship, and must be applied for annually.  in order to spply for the scholarship, you must first apply to the school.  The application can be accessed online at our Admissions portal.  Additionally, you will need to apply online to FACTS Grant and Aid. Once your information is reviewed, the Financial Aid Committee will determine the financial need. All families will receive notification of their financial aid awards.  
Senate Bill 10 Scholarship (SB 10) 
St. Joseph Catholic School is pleased to partner with the State of Georgia to provide educational services to students with special needs. Students who are currently being served within the public school Special Education Program and who have an active IEP may apply for the Senate Bill 10 scholarship (SB10).*
While St. Joseph Catholic School can meet the needs of many students who have mild special educational needs, we are not able to provide services for all students with disabilities. Acceptance to St. Joseph Catholic School will be determined through the information provided to the school, and all applicants must meet the standard acceptance criteria of the school.
Prospective students must complete the standard application packet, as well as the additional requirements listed below:
  • Two teacher recommendation forms:
    • Recommendation #1 must be from the regular education teacher
    • Recommendation #2 must be from the special education teacher
  • Copy of all psycho educational testing
  • Copy of current IEP
If additional information is needed to determine if St. Joseph Catholic School is the appropriate educational setting for your child, we may request an observation of your student in their current school setting.
*For additional information on Senate Bill 10, please visit the GaDOE Georgia Special Needs Scholarship website.

Please contact the Business Office at 770/428-3328, ext. 125 or email for assistance.