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Educating the Mind, Expanding the Heart

Math and tin men usually don't go together, but we found tin men in the middle school math classes.  Students were paired together, and challenged to build a tin man using a rectangular prism, a cylinder, a cone, and a sphere to construct their tin man. Once they had the shape of their tin man, they needed to cover him in tin foil.  But in order to cover their tin man, they first had to calculate the surface area of each object, and then total the surface areas.  Once they had the total, they could make a request for their tin foil in order to cover their man.  If their calculations were correct, then they had a fully covered tin man! If not, back to their calculations to see where they went wrong.  We can see from their final project that these ladies did the math beautifully!  They even had time to name him-- Tinothy-- what else?!!