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Educating the Mind, Expanding the Heart
Our faculty is a group of highly certified professionals, who have a strong commitment to Catholic education, and a passion for teaching children.  The faculty is divided into four departments, with one teacher serving as the Coordinator for the department. The Coordinators for our school have a long history of service to SJCS, and are teacher leaders. They conduct department meetings, ensuring that all classes and grade levels work collaboratively.  Additionally, they ensure that policies and procedures for the school are followed, and that there is an alignment of curriculum and behavioral standards throughout the grade levels. They also work collaboratively with the administration in helping to continually advance the mission of St. Joseph Catholic School and improve the educational experience for our students. 
The Coordinators for our school are:
Roseanne Cornejo is the Primary Department Coordinator and teaches kindergarten at St. Joseph Catholic School.  She holds an M.S. degree in elementary education, and has been teaching school for 22 years; fifteen of those years have been spent teaching kindergarten at St. Joseph Catholic School. Her goal is to inspire kindergarten students to have a love of learning that will continue throughout their lives.
Kristen Didier is the Intermediate Department Coordinator and currently teaches third grade.  She holds an M.S. degree in reading education, along with a Reading Specialist Certificate.  She has a love for teaching third grade, and has been teaching here at St. Joseph Catholic School for 7 years. Mrs. Didier provides a strong foundation in reading for her students and continually encourages her students to become life-long readers.
Megan Crabtree is the Middle School Department Coordinator and has been teaching English to the middle school students at St. Joseph Catholic School for 14 years.  She has a passion for teaching writing and grammar to our middle school students, and her experience with technology has allowed her to pilot many current technologies into her classroom.  Mrs. Crabtree holds degrees in both Management Information Systems and English, and holds certification in Secondary English Education.
Elizabeth Moore is the Enrichment Area Coordinator and she teaches the Gifted and Talented Math classes, as well as Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1. Everyone is a “math person” in Mrs. Moore’s classroom and she is committed to helping students discover the wonder of mathematics.  Mrs. Moore holds a BBA degree in Finance and an MBA, and frequently relies on her 14 years of experience in business to enhance the math curriculum with real-life applications.  She has her teaching certification in both Middle and High School Mathematics.
Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Cornejo, Mrs. Crabtree, and Mrs. Didier