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Educating the Mind, Expanding the Heart

At St. Joseph Catholic School we seek to develop each child’s musical potential to the fullest through a variety of musical experiences and teaching techniques.  The overall goal of the program is to strive for excellence in musicianship while developing a lifelong appreciation of music.  Therefore, all participants work together to establish a program with high standards.  Every student has the opportunity to study instrumental music in a supportive, caring, and encouraging environment. The St. Joseph Catholic School Cougar Band Program consists of three bands: Band I (Beginning 6th and 7th grade students with no experience), Band II (7th and 8th grade students who have had at least a year’s experience in Band), and Praise Band (strings, woodwinds, vocals, and percussionists who will play at our weekly school Mass.)  The band classes are offered during the school day through our middle school Pathway Enrichment time.  Performance dates for the Band Program are:

September 14, 2016                   Living Rosary                                                  Band II and Praise Band

September 20, 2016                   Archdiocesan Vocations Day                       Praise Band/Outreach

November 14, 2016                     Fall Band Concert                                          Band I and Band II

January 7, 2017                            Open House                                                   Praise Band, Band I and Band II

March 18, 2017                             Archdiocesan Honor Festival                      Band I and Band II

May 5, 2017                                   Grandparents Day                                          Band I, Band II, and Praise Band

May 8, 2017                                   Spring Band Concert                                     Band I and Band II