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Educating the Mind, Expanding the Heart

The St. Joseph Catholic School Drama Program is an award-winning developmental program for the middle school-aged students who are interested in all aspects of musical theater. The Drama Program produces two musicals each year; one musical is performed in January, while the second is performed in May. Students are involved in all aspects of the production; from acting in the performance, to designing the choreography, to working with the sound and lighting. The middle school students take on the responsibility of the entire musical production. Parent volunteers assist the students with set design and backdrops for different scenes, and they also provide direction for the students. Parent volunteers are invited to dress rehearsals as guest speakers in order to teach the drama students about the various aspects of the performing arts.  Students, parents and family friends are welcome to the drama performance each fall and spring.

In addition, drama students perform at the Junior Theatre Festival competition each year.  At the Festival, students learn the basics of acting, singing, and dancing, while also competing with different drama programs throughout the United States. Students are asked to showcase one selection from a musical while competing. Listed below are some of the awards our Drama Program has won while at the Junior Theatre Festival:

2015 - SJCS students were awarded the Freddie G Award for Excellence in Dance

2014 - SJCS students were awarded the Freddie G Award for Excellence in Dance
Additionally, one of the drama students was awarded the Freddie G All-Festival Male Performance Award

2012 - Two drama students were awarded the Freddie G Outstanding Achievement in Student Direction and Choreography Award

2011 - Two drama students were awarded the Freddie G Outstanding Achievement in Student Direction and Choreography Award

2010 - SJCS students were awarded the Freddie G Outstanding Achievement Award for Student Choreography