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Educating the Mind, Expanding the Heart



St. Joseph Catholic School uses a parent-driven carpool system to transport students to and from the school each day. Details are outlined in the handbook, and from time to time, updates are sent to the community via electronic communication.

The SJCS morning drop-off begins at 7:35am via the Lower Parking lot.  Faculty and staff are on hand to assist students to exit their cars and safely enter the school building.

The afternoon carpool, begins at 3:15pm, from two locations - Upper & Lower parking lots.  Carpool takes about 20 minutes.

SJCS families come to us from all over the Atlanta metro area and suburbs, many form carpool groups. Please let the office know if you like to contact a family in your area and we'll assist you in finding a carpool family. Our parents also established a closed Facebook page to help facilitate matching families. Please reach out to a representative from Home & School for more information.


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